We are a team of parents who also happen to be engineers, writers, programmers, teachers, systems administrators and film producers who have come together to create a program that helps foster excitement and passion for all things STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Our aim is to help our children prepare for this future by sharing our passion and love for STEM. By creating a meaningful foundation and fundamental knowledge of science and technology, we will help our kids understand and get excited about what they’re learning. With this program, we will give them the tools they need to prepare them for their future success in society as engineers, scientists, programmers, network specialists, astrophysicists, teachers, researchers, and any field which utilizes science, technology, engineering and math.



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Schwan Park – Network Administrator / Filmmaker




Mark Nagata – Computer Electronics / Inventor




Yong Lee – Software Engineer / Foodie




Julie Olsen – Writer / Producer / Road Cyclist




Joni Nagata – Aerospace Programmer / Girls Club Mentor




Miki Park – Special Education Activist / Singer




Zack Rieger – Graphic Design / Artist




Amanda Matthiesen M.A.Ed. – Advisor / Sous-Chef




Dragos Pop Software Engineer / Karate Blue Belt




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A kid’s success can greatly depend on the fundamentals and foundations set today.  Without a strong understanding of science, technology, engineering and math, our children can find themselves unprepared for a future that is clearly moving towards a society saturated with technology.  It is evident that those without an understanding of these disciplines, will not benefit as much as those who do.

So how do we achieve this for our children?

We believe that learning follows fun and a hands-on minds-on approach achieves the greatest results.  Through the use of engaging projects and entertaining video lessons, your child’s mind will be sparked with excitement, wonder and curiosity.  This will build the fundamentals and foundations that will prepare them for future success.



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